How to import?

I found an article on the Net that I saved as a PDF to my Documents in Finder. I went to “Resources” in the Binder and made a new folder to put it into. I did an import of the file into that folder but it didn’t go there. Why not? What could be the problemo…

It will be in the folder that was selected when you imported.
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KB, I went to the Net, found the article, saved it as a PDF, which put it in my Documents Folder in Finder. It was there as a PDF document. I went to Scrivener, made a new Folder under Resources, then clicked on my new Folder and then clicked in the large screen to the right, empty at the time), then I clicked “Import”, then “Files”, then I found the document and selected it, then clicked “Okay”. It didn’t import it. Which step did I do wrong?

Could it be that “Resources” makes me a Folder automatically, but if I make one, the file won’t go into it? That seems to be what’s happening.

Try searching for the name of the PDF in Scrivener (toolbar search). Do you get one or two matches? It might just be going some place unexpected. If it isn’t there at all, I’d try dragging the PDF into the binder directly, rather than using the Import function (dragging is just another way to import) and see if that helps you out. Where you drop the PDF in the binder is where it will go, so make sure to target the folder you want.

If that doesn’t work, something might be unusual with the PDF itself. Is it encrypted or anything?

Should I drag the pdf into the ‘Resources’ Folder? If so, I’ll try that. I think I read somewhere in the Manual that the pdf’s don’t belong in the general ‘Draft’ folders.

Do you think that Scrivener has any plans to let us do a “Print…Save pdf to Scrivener” like other programs do (Curio, Journler, Notebook, Eagle Filer, MacJournel, etc)?

You can already do this yourself. Here’s how:

  1. Go to your Applications directory and create a new alias from Scrivener (ctrl-click on Scrivener and select “Make Alias”.
  2. Copy the alias that was made to your ~/Library/PDF Services folder.
  3. Rename it to “Save PDF to Scrivener”.

Voila - “Save PDF to Scrivener” will now appear in the “Print” PDF menu and work as expected. Depending how Scrivener 2 installs, I may have it set this up automatically, but given the current DMG installation it is a little difficult. (Hmm, but those other apps use DMGs… Maybe they install it upon opening…)

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KB, okay, that was just what I wanted so I can zap the pdf’s from the Net directly into my Scrivener project.

I have a couple of questions, just because with these techie-type commands, I have to understand every detail or I’m great at screwing up everything. When you said ‘copy’ the alias that was make to your…" did you mean ‘paste’? Also, then which ‘file’ or ‘folder’ exactly do I rename?

Thanks for bearing with me.

That means click and drag the alias from one place to another. An alias is just like a file in the Finder, you can move it around like you would move anything else around. Once it is in the PDF services folder, rename it.

But Keith: Does this work in 1.51? I had tried it before and Scrivener was trying to load the PDF as a project and failing. I just tried it again and got the same result, but maybe I’ve got something messed up.

Oops, my bad. Ignore everything I just said, as Amber is right, it won’t work in the current version. This is a new feature coming in 2.0. Following this thread I have just added the code to install the “Save PDF to Scrivener” alias into the PDF Services folder automatically when you launch Scrivener if it’s not already there. So, please ignore the above and wait for 2.0, when you’ll be able to do all of this without having to worry about making any aliases yourself.

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Okay, next question. When’s version 2 coming to me? I want the day, month, year, hour, minute, second, half-second, millisecond, right now!

I’m waiting… :unamused:

Print the web page as a PDF to the folder of your choice (the one containing your Scrivener project ans associated files) and link it as a document reference to a Scrivener entry. Use the entry to store comments, including the URL.

Tried to do this.
Did not work for me.
I get the following error:

No project could be found at the specified path.
The document “Literature and Latte • Post a reply.pdf” could not be opened. Scrivener cannot open files in the “Preview Document” format.

Please advise…

Hi, as I said above, this won’t work in 1.x but is coming in 2.0.

I misread. I thought this was the 1.x temp solution that awaited a more elegant one in 2.0
My mistake.

thanks for your clearing that up…

BTW - I don’t suppose there exists a bookmarklet like those available for Yojimbo or Devonthink or Evernote to get data into Scrivener? I want to ditch them all for Scrivener, but the I/O barrier makes it hard. Just wondering what are the plans for sending data, either text or webpages, etc, into Scrivener? Is drag and drop the only foreseeable solution?

Appreciate your time.