How to include chapter titles?

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In Scrivenings mode, is there a way to include the chapter titles?

Same in Corkboard View, if I export the Corkboard items (as html for example), the titles are not included.

Is there a workaround?

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Omar K N

You can add binder titles to Scrivenings view with the View ▸ Text Editing ▸ Show Titles in Scrivenings menu toggle. This isn’t “chapter titles” though, Scrivener doesn’t really know what that is. It can however be set up to only show titles on folder items, with the toggle following it; so if that is what you mean by chapter, that should do it.

I’m confused at this point, however. Are we talking about the user interface, stuff like Scrivenings, Corkboard and so forth, or are we talking about exporting?

If it’s the latter, you might want to go through the interactive tutorial in the help menu, first. But a few tips:

  • Switching how you look at things (as a “corkboard” or “outline” or “scrivenings”) doesn’t change how it exports! You’re really talking more about the difference between Icon View and List View in Finder, here.
  • 99.9% of the time, adjusting how things look in Scrivener doesn’t change how they export. The creative writing area is distinctly and intentionally separated from the export side of things. If you want to see titles in Scrivenings, that’s your own choice. You shouldn’t have to look at titles if you don’t want them, or suffer not having them simply because you can’t have them as part of the final document.

You can add binder titles to Scrivenings view with the View ▸ Text Editing ▸ Show Titles in Scrivenings menu

This was it! =SOLVED_!

(I would not always need the “subtitles,” except for this project.)

Thank you.

I’ve selected to “only show titles for folders in Scrivenings”. This worked perfectly yesterday. Then, today, Scrivener crashed and I had to reboot. Now, even though I still have " only show titles for folders in Scrivenings" selected, the folder titles are NOT showing up.

How can I fix this?

The setting in question would not make folder titles vanish entirely, whether on or off. Are you sure you have the setting above enabled, to show titles in Scrivenings at all? Also, be sure your folders actually have names in the Binder (they aren’t grey italic text).

Thank you. I just fixed it! VIEW>SCRIVENINGS>select BOTH view titles options.

A suggestion: Having a “View only files included in Compile” there would be very helpful.

Yes, this can be done, just select the top level item in the binder (all levels beneath that will be filtered), and use the Navigate ▸ Open ▸ with Compilable Subdocuments menu command. You might consider putting a keyboard shortcut on that, if you intend to do so frequently.