how to include comments with a link connecting with words in my text while compling?

hello, I am a Scrivener for windows user, I use scrivener to learn foreign languages by adding many comments to words and sentences i don’t understand or I am not familiar with in order to help myself to rememer them. I am currently living in china and can’t use scrivener for IOS, but i wish to read these comments on my ipad, so I’ve tried to complie my scrivener files into epub or mobi form, but the problem is that I can’t produce epub or mobi files with my own comments behind the scene with a link connecting with their corresponding words in the orignial text just like any other epub books, what i can get are only epub files with comments embedded in orignial text which is very confusing and disturbing. is there any thing i can do to solve this problem?

zillions of thanks! Love scrivener so much! thank all your great work and contributions!