How to include latex input with more packages

Suppose that I have this Latex opening, where I absolutely need to control the margin, include a template (achemso) and many other control. How do I include this in Scrivener ? I tried over riding the default latex input in the compile with Meta-Data in the binder but it did not work…

Please help, thanks a lot.











All the package information and latex formatting information needs to go in the latex input files which are then called from the MMD meta data at compile.

The easiest way to do that is to modify the latex support files which are used with MMD at typesetting. So, you can change the mmd-article-header.tex so the \documentclass matches what you want.

You would probably want to edit mmd-memoir-packages.tex to include all the packages you want to use, and finally, edit mmd-article-begin-doc.tex to put in any of the other pieces.

With that done, you need to make sure the metadata in the Scrivener compile panel includes Latex input items for mmd-article-header and mmd-article-begin-doc.

There’s more on the compile options and the MMD latex support files in chapters 4 and 5 of my guide to using Scrivener–MMD–Latex (it needs updating to reflect the latest versions of everything, but the basics are still correct).