How to include Scrivener links in a compiled project?

I could have sworn I read in a recent list of updates that it was now possible to include internal Scrivener links in a compiled project. Now I’ve started testing it, though. :frowning: No links in compiled pdf, rtf, doc or odt. Not even in html.

I see discussions about this talk a lot about modern version of Microsoft Word. I only have Word 2003. Does Scrivener rely on a modern Office installation to export any links at all?

You’ll need Office 2007-2013 to have working internal links when compiling to DOCX or PDF, but you shouldn’t need it to compile with links to RTF or to DOC (using the RTF-based converter, the default when that MS Office isn’t available). The compiled Scrivener links work for me when opening the RTF in Word 2002, so they ought to work in 2003. A few things to check:

• The link needs to point to a document that is included in the compile–if you’re linking to, e.g. a folder but only compile the folder’s subdocuments and no part of the folder’s text, title, etc. then there’s nothing to link to.

• “Include in RTF bookmarks” must be ticked for the item’s row in the compile Formatting section. This is ticked by default, but you can check to make sure it didn’t get deselected at some point.

• Links when opened in Word don’t usually appear with the typical blue, underlined formatting so the link might be there but you aren’t noticing it. If you hover over the linked text, you should get a little tooltip telling you to Ctrl+click to follow the link, and Ctrl+clicking should jump you to the linked section. You can tick “Ensure hyperlinks are colored and underlined” at the bottom of the Transformation tab in Scrivener’s compile to force them to appear as links when opened in Word.

Thank you - I’ll look for those options in the compile settings.

It works - thank you for the rescue! (Yes, I was suffering from Invisible Link Syndrome - after the first couple of attempts failed, I assumed the uniform black text in doc and rtf meant those had failed, too.)

Good, glad it’s working!