How to include the label assigned to each binder document in a compile so that labels appear in a printout alongside the section title, synopsis and text

Hi Scrivener support, can you tell me please whether it is possible to include labels in a compilation so that they are printed out alongside the document text? If it is possible, how does one create a compilation that includes labels please? Labels do not appear to be a part of any of the assignable layouts. Thanks.

Whilst it seems possible to include “metadata” in the compile, one element of which is the “label” meta data field, is it possible to finetune what metadata gets included in the compile? For example, if you want the Label to appear in the compile, but not the date and time at which the document was created and modified, or the status, is that possible?

Put <$Label> in the text where you want it to Compile. That won’t put it alongside the text, though.

Thanks. This is just what I was looking for.