How to insert Italian accent marks using Scrivener

We’ve recently had someone translate one of our books into Italian and it’s now up to us (two Americans who do not speak or write Italian) to format the book using Scrivener. The main problem is we can’t figure out how to insert the various accent marks that our translator has indicated we need to use.

Can that be done using Scrivener and if so how?

Thanks for whatever help you can give.


Accents can easily be entered using the keyboard across most Mac apps, including Scrivener. This may depend on your keyboard language, but the following key combinations should add accents:


The first two should cover Italian, I think. You use one of the above and that creates the accent, and then you type the letter you want to appear beneath the accent.

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Simple way is to hold down the “base” letter you want and – after a very short delay – a popup menu will appear with options for accented characters, each associated with a number.

You can either click the number on your keyboard to get the accented character you want, or you can select the character with your mouse/trackpad.

[attachment=1]accented characters.png[/attachment]

Might also help to select the text and change its language to Italian.


Curious…why didn’t the translator type the accented characters in the first place?

Thanks for the great and thorough responses.
Much appreciated.

Here’s a link with the whole deal, just in case.