How to insert line between chapter title and subtitle?

Here’s a question for loa or another member of the L&L staff (or for that matter, anyone who can answer it.)

In Scrivener’s built-in manual on the first page of each chapter there’s a horizontal line between the chapter title and subtitle, like so:

Was this inserted automatically during the compilation process? If so, how? Perhaps as a placeholder tag in a level setting?

Or was the first page of each chapter compiled “as-is” after being laid out that way from within the document view itself?

Thanks much…


OK…after some experimentation, one way to do it is as a line of hyphens inserted as a title suffix during compilation.

The manual uses LaTeX for typesetting, so there isn’t a purely Scrivener way to do some of the things you’ll see in it. Hyphens, underscores (shift-hyphen) or some kind of Unicode line drawing glyph are probably the best way. Any kind of underlining trick (like what you can get with Edit/Insert/Horizontal Rule/) would cause the CHAPTER <$N> part to get underlined as well.

Thanks, Amber.

It’d be interesting to have a placeholder tag like:

<$image:[image path here]>

Three reasons:

  1. To insert graphics into titles/subtitles/headers/footers.
  2. Because–as I found recently when working with a document that had over 160 in-text images–working with a lot of images can slow a system down, meaning it’d be nice to see a placeholder for the images in the edit window instead of the images themselves.
  3. It’d allow automated link-building a la the “Insert / Image Linked to File…” function. For instance, I could hack together a quick Excel spreadsheet that would concatenate image file names and the placeholder tag syntax into an actual tag for copy-and-paste insertion, rather than performing the insert function through the Finder. (The Finder method is fine when all your images are in one location, but when they’re spread out it can get a little time-consuming.)

Of course, I don’t know whether such an enhancement would be possible to code… :smiley:

Thanks again…and I’ll cross-post this to the wish list.