How to insert multiple images using Insert/Image Linked to File...

Say I have 10 images I want to insert into my document using Insert/Image Linked to File. Right now I have to select that command 10 times to insert each image. Is there a way to select all 10 at the same time? I’d love to be able to command-click on each file in the finder window that Scrivener brings up, but Scrivener only allows me to select one file at a time to insert.

If it’s not possible in Scrivener, is there any way to do it with Keyboard Maestro or a similar app?


Thanks, it looks like there may be a few things that could potentially be improved here. It depends on what is technically possible however. I note that you can drag multiple images from Finder into the editor (embedding them, naturally), but not the same images from the binder.

Otherwise, dragging from the binder would have made for a nice workaround, where you have the images aliased to the originals on the disk, and then link to those aliases from the editor. You can do that, but it’s still a one-by-one operation given how dragging ten at once produces a link list (I am of course speaking of the optional image drag setting in Behaviors: Dragging & Dropping to make linked images).

But what could easily be the case is that we’re seeing a special hard-coded interaction between Finder (or the system in general) and the stock text editor code that allows for that. These other mechanisms/sources are all custom built.

That all aside, I have a custom shortcut attached to the image link menu command. It’s good enough for me, but I don’t typically insert more than one at a time.