How To Install Scrivener for Single User?

I installed the trial version of Scrivener on my home computer last week, and I’m considering purchasing a license for the Windows version. The license terms permit the software to be installed on a computer at work, but only for the use of the purchaser (which is fair). I have access to a computer at my office which I am permitted to use during lunch, breaks, and down time and I am able to install software on it, but it is subject to use by multiple users (under different user names/logins, of course).

Some software which I have installed has an option, “Install for this user only” as opposed to “Install for all users.” But, if that option exists in Scrivener, I didn’t see it during installation at home. How can I restrict the installation so that the software is only accessible to my user ID?

It sounds like your work computer is on a server system where all users can share access to installed programs? You’d likely have to talk to your tech support team about restricting the program to your user account only (if possible) if it’s being installed on a shared network.

I think I found the answer on this site:

Rather than installing the program in the C:/Program Files directory, which is accessible to all users, I created a subfolder in my C:/Users/username/AppData/Local folder and, during installation, changed the default installation location to that folder. As far as I know, I can use the program but the other users of that computer don’t see it. So I should be within the terms of the license.