How to jump around text

I’m not really sure this is in the right place but I’ll post anyway.

There’s one thing about Windows that I miss, one single tiny thing, but it’s really really useful.

In Windows, I could press control and then arrow keys (when working with text) and it would skip me one work forwards or backwards by one word, rather than having to hold down the button and wait and then not be particularly accurate if I have to work fast.

Anyways - does anyone know how to do this on a Mac?


Press Alt (also known as Option) instead of Ctrl.

Alt + left or right moves one word at a time.
Alt + up or down moves one paragraph at a time.
Command + left or right moves to the start or end of a line.
Command + up or down moves you to the start or end of a document.

Hold down Shift with the same commands to select the text instead of just moving around.

This is the standard OSX text behaviour, by the way, so the same shortcuts work in TextEdit, Safari, and any other apps that use the built-in OSX text system (i.e. Scrivener or Bean, but not Word or Final Draft).

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Here is a nice list of “Finder Shortcuts”

You can also “customize” or create Keyboard shortcuts (Finder Shortcuts) by doing this:


Scroll Down to KEYBOARD AND MOUSE and click on it.

Click on the tab Keyboard Shortcuts.

YOu can modify existing ones (be careful doing this as most tutorials, etc. mention default shortcuts)

Or you can make your own. Say you have an Apple script and you want a keyboard shortcut for it.

This is where you would do it.

Or bind a Automator workflow to a keyboard shortcut, etc. etc. etc