how to keep binder "search results" column width fr changing

is there a way to keep the binder’s Search Results column width constant - i can widen it so i can read my descriptions - which i need to write long to differentiate them from each other - but then whenever i do a new search i have to go resize the column width – i dont really need the “label” and “status” columns at the moment, so if i could turn those off and just use that whole column width for my descriptions under the Search Results column that’d be great - anyone know how to do this? thank u

The search results column just uses the same width as the binder, as they are part of the same view - there’s no way to have the search results change the binder width if that is what you mean.
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no i wish to just widen the “file name” column of the Search Results window to be as wide as the Binder width, but it cant be because there’s also the Label and Status columns (which i dont really need at the moment) so i wish to either remove the Label and Status columns of the Search Results or widen the “file name” column to be as wide as the Search Results (but without the Label and Status columns now) and then have it remain that width so i dont have to keep changing it every time i do a search - either way will work, and it will give me the ability to read a lot more of my “file name” info that usually is descriptive and thus horizontally longer - it really slows me down because i like to enter a search keyword, and then quickly scan down my whole list of scenes that have that keyword in them, but right now i have to first re-widen the file name column just to read my (slightly long) file name descriptions - it’s kind of like when you cant read your mail program’s “subject info” if you have that column too narrow. thank u !

Hm, I can widen the “search results” (title) column (and the binder if necessary) and even scroll the label and status columns off the screen and the search results collection will stay that way through the whole session, even when I run a new search. It only seems to change when I close the project and reopen. Are you on 2.0.4? (I don’t know if this was different earlier, though it seems unlikely.)

yes i can do that as well - which works fine - i was just wishing to set it as a default width so i didnt have to keep changing it each session - i open / close a bunch while writing - but you are correct and it works fine that way - cheers and thank u again !