How to keep configuration of the menue

Hello !
I like to organize menue in my own way. I know how to do it.
But, when I change computer or even if I buy again and re-install Scrivener, I can’t refind the configuration of the menue. I know how to save configurtion of theme but it doesn’t save my menu organization.
Thanks for advice.

This should save the whole of your configuration. Appearance, shortcuts, the whole thing.

The other function just above loads it back. So if you want to transfer your setup from one computer to another, you need to transfer that one file, and then load it up.

(Although I have to say I just don’t understand what you mean by “organizing your menus”. It is not currently something that one can do…)
[Edit] Perhaps you meant your toolbars (?) – what I depicted above would take care of them too.

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