How to keep favorite fonts on top of the dropdown list

I use Times New Roman for text, and Courier New for code. Repeatedly hunting up-and-down through the alphabetized fonts dropdown list is a chore. Is there any way to keep these two at the top of the dropdown list as favorites?

AFAIK Scrivener doesn’t offer that feature.

You can press the first letter of the font’s name to jump to the first font with that letter in the list. Repeat for second and third, etc.
How many font do you have starting with C and T?

I often prefer the dialogue window for fonts (Format ▸ Font ▸ Show Fonts...), for two reasons:

  1. You can get at it with a keyboard shortcut instead of stopping everything to reach for the mouse.
  2. The focus comes up in the text entry field, so you can type in “cou” or “time”, and tend to get exactly what you’re looking for. As soon as you do, hit the Enter key and you’re done. Back to writing.

Even favourites wouldn’t be that efficient.

That said, what it sounds like you are doing with repetitive manual labour may be better accomplished with styles. Instead of messing with fonts directly, try starting a new line, and click the drop down on the far left of the Format Bar, where it probably says “No Style”. Switch to “Code Block” (see, we’re even thinking about you in the defaults) and type. When you’re done with the code sample, start another new line and select “No Style” again. So long as TNR is your default writing font in the editor, that should return you to it, along with resetting the paragraph indents to default.

Now you may note we have selected Microsoft’s coding font, Consolas for code blocks, rather than Courier. Personally I find it better for code than a typewriter font, but if you do want to stick with Courier, and maybe don’t want the indented look we set up, just go to any of your existing code blocks, put the cursor in there, and use Format ▸ Style ▸ Redefine Style from Selection ▸ Code Block. While you’re in that dialogue box, consider putting a keyboard shortcut on it so you can toggle it on and off as easily as you would italics.

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Thank you –

That will help!

But it doesn’t quite seem to completely work that way for me. To go to Courier New, pressing the C does take me to the first “C” font, but then pressing O does not take me to “CO”; it takes me to the first “O” font instead.

I have 36 “C” fonts and 8 “T” fonts.


That DOES work.

I just have to be careful to type in the “cou” quite quickly - not automatic for an old two-finger typist like me.