How to keep page-break scenes out of e-book contents?

I have a project set up with folders at level 1 and scenes at level 2. I only want the titles of the folders in the table of contents. In the “Format” section of the “Compile” window, only the Folder Level 1+ category has a check mark in “Title”; the Title box in nested-scenes and scenes is un-checked.

In the “Contents” section of “Compile”, certain of these scenes have “Pg Break Before” checked. And these scenes’ titles also show up in the table of contents for the e-book after I compile it, even though the title box in scenes is unchecked.

Is there any way to make them not do that?

There is no way to make a section in the e-book (which is what a page break stands in for, since pages aren’t really a concept in e-books) without making a section, in the sense of something that is a part of the book’s internal navigation and table of contents. These two things are just the same thing from Scrivener’s point of view.

For a project that requires the use of literal sections to achieve formatting that isn’t necessarily a section in the common sense like a chapter would be, you’ll need to do post-compile production using an e-book editing tool like Sigil or Calibre, once you’re done with the writing in Scrivener.