How to keep subtitles and text together?

Hi All -

I’m have subtitles for sections in my book (maybe ~60 places), and when I compile they are sometimes at the end of the page, then the related text starts on the next page. How can I get the subtitle and at least 1 or 2 lines of text to stay together? I don’t want to insert page breaks everywhere because that will leave blank pages when the section ends near the top or mid-page.

This surely has a simple answer so sorry if I’m repeating what was already covered.


Are you having the subtitles as part of the text in the documents or are you using the document names in the Binder as subtitles?

Thanks Lunk - The subtitles are within the text of the chapters, they’re not separate documents.

I depends on the output format.

If you open the manual from within Scrivener (Help -> Scrivener Manual) and make a search for ‘widow’ you will find info on how to get rid of orphans and widows. Titles that are based on the Binder document names also stick with the text that follows, so I’d start by splitting the text and make every sub-part that has its own subtitle a separate sub-document in the Binder.