How To Kill The Battery of a MacBook

When I use my MacBook Air at my desk, I habitually connect it to the charger so I don’t have to worry about the battery going low.

Now, a friend of mine told me that by doing so, I will kill the battery prematurely for some reasons.

Question to the black-belters: Is this true? And if so, what is the best practice?

I noticed that some software even demands that the MacBook is plugged in, for example GarageBand (which I don’t use very often), so, how is that?

(Sorry – this is a hardware question, but I found no better fitting place in the forum.)

This is true on the older system but not so true on anything using the newer battery tech (say 2011 or newer). The old batts did not handle over charge well and had issues with memory. LiPo tech has most of that solved. Can still happen but…

This page from Apple has lots of information about MacBook battery life. It doesn’t mention that it’s a problem to leave them plugged in all the time: if this was a major problem, then I’d imagine this would be the place they’d mention it. That’s assuming that your MacBook Air is relatively recent of course.

The batteries in Apple hardware suffer from being totally emptied, not being held at a low, regular charge to maintain full charge. So you’re not killing the batteries, you’re maintaining them.

Thanks for your answers. The MacBook is recent, 2014. So I will keep my habit of maintaining it’s batteries … :smiley: