How to know at what level a Binder object is?

Binder objects – folders and text objects – all have hierarchical levels simply based on the level of indentation. However, when I am down in the middle of the binder, looking at content, it’s not always clear to me what level I am at. If things were numbered, of course, it would be easy. But I don’t use numbers in chapters. If things get messy, how do you know how indented something is; it’s pretty hard to gauge based on the indent space … is there another way to know?

There are two ways of doing this, both of which are handy for other reasons as well. The first is very straight-forward. Just hover the mouse over the title bar and wait for the tooltip. You should see a printed path after a couple of seconds. If you’d rather not wait for a tooltip, you can click on the icon beside the item’s title and use the “Path” menu to view the object’s lineage (and thus its depth). The nice thing about this menu is that it is also a navigation tool.