How to Link Between Folders


I’ve been reading elsewhere about the Scrivener link function. Checked the manual and didn’t see anything and something bizarre happened in the tutorial – I got stuck on a page and couldn’t go forward or backward, Tried twice.

So, perhaps someone can help me understand the steps to make this work. I’ve already successfully used the link to my bookmarks – fabulous feature! – but I’d like to switch back and forth between my Characters folder and my various scenes. The problem is that my Characters tab doesn’t have an url to insert where the program calls for one. I’m sure there’s a simple answer to this. Isn’t there? :slight_smile:

Many thanks,

I finally found the Manual explanation of links and tried to follow it but my selected text won’t copy as an url When I try to insert the “link” into another folder, it inserts a tab I have open in Firefox. Am doing well with inserting bookmarks. It’s just between folders that I’m having the problem.

Will really appreciate some guidance.


In the edit menu, directly under Link… (which I think you might have been trying to use, since it asks for a URL) try the Scrivener Link> menu. You can choose anywhere in your manuscript to link the selected text, so that when you click that text, it splits the editor and one half is the linked-to document. You can attach a link to text within the editor document, or the document/project notes. Is this what you’re wanting?

Thanks for the reply. I’ve been out sick so am just getting back to this.

I did what you suggested, went to edit, Scrivener link and clicked on Characters. (The program gave me only 5 items to choose from. What if I wanted to link to some other folder?) I was taken to the Characters folder and the Characters link was at the top of the list. In my text file, the Characters tab was at the bottom of my text. When I clicked it, I was also taken to the characters page. So, I had two Characters pages. I was able to get out of them by using the remove split function but then I had to get back into a new folder. The Characters link appears at the bottom of one folder but no others. Do I have to perform this same action with every folder?