How to list the scenes in a script?

Hello, first of all apologize for my English, my mother tongue is Spanish.

I would like to know how I can list the scenes in my script when compiling.


I am a fellow Scrivener user, but here is the simplest way I know:

  1. Select all the items in the Binder you want in your scene listing.
  2. Choose menu item Edit > Copy
  3. Paste the result into a new document.
  4. Format it as desired.

This assumes your scene documents are named in the way you would like to see them in your listing.

The above technique makes a static listing not an automated one. But I assume you would not be making a scene listing document until you were done with your script!

If you want your listing to be hyperlinked you might want to look at the table of contents abilities of Scrivener. In particular, look at the Copy Documents as ToC menu item. For more information, see the section on Creating a Table of Contents in the Scrivener Manual.


You can apparently also set Compile to compile titles and synopses only. I have never had occasion to do this, but I understand there’s a compile preset for it.