How to Load Themes and Preferences

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Pardon me if this is posted elsewhere, but I couldn’t find it. I am trying to load my saved themes; however, since Lion hides the User Library folder (where the Application Support>Scrivener folder resides), I am no longer able to load these.

What is the work around for this?



LOL. So thick (as they say in England). I Option+Clicked+Dragged the Library folder to the sidebar, no all’s well.


That works, you can also hold down the Option key when looking at the “Go” menu in Finder to get to the Library. We’ve also added a shortcut to Scrivener’s application support folder for this very reason. You’ll find it in the main Scrivener menu.

Also, generally you shouldn’t need to go into that folder unless you are trying to back things up or move between computers. If you use “Save All/Theme Preferences as Preset…”, then the theme/prefs will get saved in the Application Support folder, but they should then be available from the bottom of the “Manage…” menu for selection without needing to use the open panel.

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Thanks guys. The two of you always come through. Wish we could all go out for a beer. :laughing:

Thank you, Keith. Saving the prefs/themes wasn’t the problem, exactly. It was loading them. With the “Reveal Support Folder in Finder” option within the main Scrivener menu (thanks Ioa!), life is good. What do you say guys, up for the beer? :mrgreen:

What I meant was that you should be able to load them directly from the bottom of the “Manage…” menu, like this:

It depends where and how they were saved, though - if they were saved “as Preset” then this should be automatic.

Always up for a beer, though! :slight_smile: