how to make a ebook without indention?


where can I manage that my ebook has not got any identions?

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I asked this last year and was told there is nothing that can be done about it, but I hope that has changed, I haven’t tried to publish to ebook since then.

Here is my original question
[url]When compiling to Kindle ebook, does Scrivener put extra spaces between words where there are none??]

Looks like the discussion you’ve pointed to, tarzanofmars, is actually about making indentations happen when they weren’t showing up on mobile (though they were on Kindle for Mac). And you did solve that in the course of the thread.

However, the OP is looking to not have paragraph indentations, apparently, which in your earlier post constituted the problem you were trying to solve!

Most importantly, it is nowhere said in the earlier thread that you cannot set your ebook paragraphs to have no indentation.*

Sadly, I can’t be of any positive help here, because I don’t work with ebook formats at all.


  • In fact, it is evident from AmberV’s post that one could get it done by editing the CSS specification for the ebook, setting text-indent to zero. But I hope and trust there would be a less hacky and more user accessible way to accomplish the task!