How to make a Global text change?

My sciFi book uses the names of all it’s ships in Italicized script…like this - RN Marwick

But when I imported the whole book text wise, all the text came thru with no styles…

So how can I do a find & replace and change - RN Marwick to RN Marwick globally?



the non-answering of this is worrisome to me…is it possible that Scrivener can NOT do this…

good gosh…someone?

Scrivener can globally replace text using Edit > Find > Project Replace, but it’s only a text replacement, not attributes. You’d need to do this more manually by running a project search for the text, loading the results into the editor in a Scrivenings session, and then using the document find (Ctrl+F) to step through the results and italicise them as you go. If you can wait until the final product to handle that formatting, Word or similar word processor can do a styles find/replace, or Sigil if you’re going to epub.

The stock installation of Scrivener, without any customized settings, should import your original text with all bold and italics intact. Unless you pasted the text in, rather than dragging the word doc/rtf file/oot/… file. Pasting in can do odd things, especially if you used a font in the original program that didn’t technically support italics (Word will ‘fake’ italics if the font doesn’t have an italic typeface, for example).

If you haven’t gone too far into modifying your text in Scrivener, you might want to start over. Try different methods of importing (File->import->files and/or dragging into the binder from the windows file manager). If that doesn’t work, try making a copy of the original Word (or whatever format) document and changing the font to one that has an italics type face and then import that copy into Scrivener.


yup, had to scroll thru every single page and find all the ship names myownself and hit Italic to make them all look right…

seems to me being able to add style to a replace text upgrade would be a good thing, eh!


I agree with you, JV. Been there. Done that. Maybe the Scrivener folks will add this to the wish list. :mrgreen:


I’m not sure whether this will work on Windows, but on the Mac you can:

a) Search for RN Marwick and replace it with RN Marwick. (i.e. use Multimarkdown syntax for italics)

b) Compile with the compilation setting of Custom > Transformations > Convert Markdown to Bold and Italics.

As you’d expect, the compiled document converts RN Marwick to RN Marwick. Of course, you’ll have to do the same for every distinct ship name, but that’s probably a bit quicker than going through the whole document.

Apologies if it doesn’t work on Windows, but just in case it does…