how to make all embedded images to same width

I have a Scrivener project with a bunch of embedded JPGs. They are all different sizes, and when I compile, I then have to go into Microsoft Word and adjust the size on each one to fit into the width of 1 page. Is there any way to adjust their size right in Scrivener, all at once - without having to go into each image separately - select them all somehow and change their width, OR just tell Scrivener to make them all a single width when compiling?

Not all at once, I cannot think of a way to do that. You can of course copy the point value for width from one of the images that you’ve sized correctly and then just go through and paste that number into the rest of the images one by one.

But really, the best way to handle images to to make sure they are the right size before putting them into a text editor. You will have superior quality if they are sized correctly first, in a dedicate image editing tool, rather than adjusting the point density of each individual image. Presumably you need them all to be a consistent resolution.

Sorry, I should have been more clear. I’m not actually trying to resize them. The images can (and should) stay their original size. All I want is for them to display in Scrivener (and more importantly, in the resulting Word document) with a width that is equal to the horizontal margin, so that large images don’t go off the page I’m looking at. I want them to scale for display (not re-sample the pixels). And unfortunately I can’t scale them all before importing because sometimes I’m importing from a Word document that already had images in it, so I have no choice about how they got there. It would sure be great to be able to just set a flag to display all embedded images to “fit to width” of a page, and on compile, to scale them to obey margin widths.

Ah okay, well we have it on the list to look at a fit-to-width style option, so it might be added in the future. For now though I don’t have any better advice than one-by-one since they are already embedded into the text.

ok thanks. What would be really cool also is to be able to specify them in inches, not just # of pixels, because it’s not obvious how to set the right # of pixels to make the image fit exactly within the right margin.

Minor point, but it is points, not pixels. Points are a common typesetting unit in the printing industry, and one is equal to 1/72nd of an inch. Points are also used in digital publishing, such as Kindle files, where concepts such as inches would have little meaning as a unit of measurement given the dynamic nature of its layout engine.