How to make Corkboard pop-out for use on a second monitor?

I’ve got a corkboard with about 100 notes on it for scene ideas which I’d like to pop-out and have on my second monitor while I write the script.

I’ve found the Open > As Quick Reference, but that is completely blank when opened. I also found the split-screen mode but that’s limited to one screen of course.

Is there a way to make Quick Reference display all the content properly, or is there an alternate function that offers the same?

You can’t display the Corkboard in a Quick Reference pane, but you can put the text you’re writing in one.

You can also open the document you’re writing in Composition Mode, leave the corkboard in the main Scrivener window, and then move the window to another display. Relevant options can be found in the Scrivener → Preferences → Behaviors → Composition mode pane.


That’s a great idea, thank you