How to make Scrivener detect a Person (character) when writing

Hello. I need Help

I want to make Scrivener to Detect automatic a person (character) when im writing, on a book

Thank you

What do you want Scrivener to do with this detected “person” – Scrivener doesn’t have a concept of characters or persons; it’s built around the concept of documents and folders.

Well i was thinking there should be a way that scrivener Highlights Charachters that i have created with the Character sheets.

I can Manualy link a Persons name to a Character sheet, but i dont want to do it manualy every time i write a name.

Other programms detect a character once you set it up

There are two things that will make what you’re looking to do easier in version 3 (currently in beta):

  1. A way to signify when you want to link to a document title, by typing in something like “[[Bob]]”. Scrivener strips out the brackets and links to the first document called “Bob” in the binder, or asks where you would like to create a new document if it is a new title. In that way you can create new character sheets on the fly.
  2. A “silent” form of linking, where if you right-click on a selection of text that matches a binder name (or how one begins), you can jump to it without a link.

As Devin notes, there is no such thing as a character in Scrivener though. As a general purpose writing tool, anything we added along these lines would optimally be as useful to someone writing a legal document, or a book about plants.

Character sheets are just documents, though, to Scrivener. There’s nothing special about them to the program. You don’t have to have them and you 100% control the content that’s in them. If you need to link them, then Ioa offers a glimpse at new tools you’ll have in Scrivener 3 for Windows to make linking easier – but it’s still up to you to do it if you need to.

What I do in 1.9 is to create a new Project Note, name it Characters and add the cast inside, with links to heir profiles. This way I have a quick access to their info and keep the text clean so I can export it to other apps.

This is brilliant. I’ve been keeping all my character profiles in Project Notes, but it gets a bit unwieldy. This streamlines it amazingly. Must try that for my Timeline, too, which is also in Project Notes.