How to make the inspector and/or synopsis area bigger?

I find sometimes I want to drag to the left of the Inspector to make it bigger, or the down on the Synopsis area (just above General) to make the Synopsis area longer, but I can’t. When I drag to the right, it gets smaller. I want to be able to go bigger than the default limit of the Inspector. Is it possible?

Generally if you can’t drag the inspector to the left to make it wider, it’s because you’ll be making the editor too narrow; you could try closing an editor split if you’re using both or making the binder narrower (or hidden entirely) to give the editor more room. The height of the different areas of the inspector cannot be changed other than by adjusting the width, but Keith’s added the option for the next version (available now as a beta) to make the synopsis area expand when the general meta-data is collapsed, rather than the document notes. The setting is in the Preferences under Appearance / Index Cards / Options.