How to make the titles in scrivenings reflect hierarchy?


I am regularly writing documents with relatively deep hierarchical structures, and I often write in scrivenings mode, where I enabled the option “Show Titles in Scrivenings”, which helps me to keep track of where I am in my document. However, all those titles appear in the same style (color and font), so I have a hard time to (1) find out whether something is a folder or a text, and (2) how deep in the document hierarchy I am. For example, in one project, I am working with chapters, sections, and subsections, but it is difficult for me to get a quick impression whether a title indicates a subsection, a section, a chapter, or something else. This leads to confusion when I navigate around in my scrivenings.

So, my question is: Is there an option where I can modify the display of titles in scrivenings depending on their type and position in the document tree? For example, make titles large if they are on the top level (e.g., equivalent to chapters) and smaller if they are on the level one below (=sections), and so on?

I looked again and again through the settings, but could not find anything.

Side note: Since I am producing LaTeX in the end, I can use only the actual titles without any labels (such as “Chapter 1”). So, manually prefixing my titles with "Chapter ", "Section ", would not work.

You can’t layer the formatting of the titles, but you can see extra info in scrivenings: … ings-mode/