How to make words in the Editor the Binder title?? (with picture)

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I want to stop the words in the Synopsis area of the Inspector being the titles in the Binder.

As you can see in the picture, the arrows point to the Synopsis and the Binder, whereas what is in the Editor (the oval) is not the title.

I’d rather the Binder titles just be what is in the Editor.

Is there an option in Preferences? :unamused:

(I guess there is a reason why Scrivener does it like this?? And it must be “better”, but for now I’d like to use the Editor for the title)


I think you’re thinking backwards. The inspector is showing the title of the document you’ve chosen in the binder, it’s not giving the document its title,

If you want the first bit of text in the document to be the name of the document, you have to delete the name you have given it. So, click in the area at the top where it says “THIS IS THE TITLE”, and delete that text. The first bit of text in the document will then be taken as the name of the document, and will appear in the Binder in italics, just like some of the other documents you have.

Thanks, I hoped there might be an alternative to save a few mins.

As I include the title in the Editor, if it’s also in the Inspector, if there are any changes to the title/numbering , both have to be edited.


You can use Documents > Auto-Fill > Set Synopsis from Main Text

The shortcut for this is Cmd-Shift-Opt-I

  1. Don’t number the titles while writing.
  2. The title in the Inspector IS the title you see in the Binder.

I’ve often confused myself with how and where titles are generated. The best way for me to understand and remind myself of how it works in Scrivener is to read/revisit the short section titled Titles and Adaptive Naming at Sec. 7.2 in the manual (Help menu > Scrivener Manual).

It explains what can be done and includes the hierarchy of checks Scrivener makes to fill the title field. In example, what you physically key into the field is at the top of the hierarchy. Key Excellent Title into the Binder title field and that’s what will print at the Editor, Inspector, etc… title fields. Key it into the Inspector title field, it’ll likewise print that wherever the title field is available. And then there’s auto-fill, leave some all title fields blank, the ability to remove every existing title with a single command, etc…Hopefully I’ve correctly described things, like I said, I do revisit the material when I get ‘stuck’.

Experiment while/after reading Sec 7.2; good description, succinctly written.

Hi, I post this as an answer here because, as I understand, I have the same question as Morganscriv, but seams that wasn’t really understood, sorry if I’m wrong.

Is there a way to change the preferred order of the title adaptive naming source?

I would like to take the title from the editor instead of the synopsis.

My case is that I have a header with the title in the editor (in the text itself I mean), so I have to edit just that header to change titles everywhere, but if I write a synopsis, the title is taken from the synopsis (as it is higher in the adaptive naming source list).

So, I would like to have the option to write a synopsis but still take the title from the content text of the document, so I can change the title there anytime and don’t have to change in both places (text and synopsis or text and title).

Hope I explained myself.

Thank you!