How to manage multiple projects


I have some active project created with Scrivener. I need to manage them and the asks are the follows:

  1. can I have every scrivener project linked in the binder of each project? (not imported, of course)
  2. if i link the other projects in each project, can I open thems in the alternative editor? (i have need of that)
  3. if it’s impossible, how I can manage my scrivener projects in a synpotic vision?

If it is possible to connect multiple scrivener project only to import every project in every project…what’s the vantage to open more of one project…? :wink: :wink:


You can certainly link projects together, though not in a way I think you are asking for. The reference pane can hold a link to any type of file on your system, including other Scrivener projects.

Beyond that, there is nothing like what you are referring to, and the reason for that is simple: projects are meant to contain everything related to that project. They are supposed to have all of the background material, research, revisions, the manuscript itself, and anything else you might need. There are, in some cases, practical limitations due to gigabytes of research material (then a separate program like DEVONthink Pro is probably a good idea to augment Scrivener with), but excepting that, there should be no reason to chain project files together.

But you may have some very different use of Scrivener than most people. If you want, let us know what you are wanting this feature for, and we might be able to help you find a better solution that works all within the same project.

There are many tools for this sort of thing with the Mac. You could just use the Finder comment field and then turn on the comment column in the folder where you store your Scrivener projects. That would be the cheapest. There are also programs like Leap, which are kind of like “super finders” when it comes to things like meta-data. Not many programs have “managers” for their own files. Generally because the Finder and other tools already do this job perfectly well already, so why reinvent the wheel with a limited implementation? That is the reasoning, anyway.

Since most people use one project file to work on one project, this is not an odd thing. I have three projects open right now. One of them is for Scrivener documentation, the other is a personal diary, another is a work log, documenting the things I do. I have no reason to connect the three together! It is nice to have them all open at once though, I don’t have to keep closing one to open another.

The import feature is main there for unusual cases. I would be most people don’t use that on a regular basis. It’s meant to merge two projects together and (most often) abandon the odd one out. Its for when two discrete projects are realised to really be best handled in one larger project. After imported, there is no need to keep the old project around.

Thanks for your reply Ioa urges and really careful.

I try to clarify my needs. Forgive me for my bad English. Since the speech is pretty long, I will translate my answer by an automatic translator … We hope that the result is not worse than what I would have written I …

Therefore, why I need to link together several projects without importing them into every single project? I write different things, I have published books and right now I have in memory of my mac a considerable amount of pages that I’m starting to organize with the help of Scrivener. I created a project for every theme I’m exploring. The idea is that any project Scrivener turning into one or more publishing projects.

Therefore each project Scrivener is quite independent of the others. But as I write and published what I have already written, I need to control what I wrote maybe on similar themes in any of the other projects. Additionally I also need to have better overview on the topics that I’m exploring, for example to know in which of the projects gilded insert a new page. And of course, the ideal is that I may see alternate the document in the editor of another project while I’m working on other editor on the active project.

No I know if I managed to explain. Anyway I’ll try to follow the roads alternatives that I’ve indicated on the Mac Finder. Indeed I thank you very much for these additional notes. I understand very well that Scrivener is designed to import everything that is needed to a certain project. But I think other writers like me may have need to distinguish more projects but you can check with a look of Assembly.

Thanks Dark