How to manage tables / pasting excel cells into Scrivener?

I’m new to Scrivener and love it. Perfect for my needs. I just finished working my way through the tutorial but haven’t found an answer to something that would be amazingly useful for me.

I use excel sheets (Open Office actually) to store a list of useful quotes, it currently has around 1000 entries in individual cells. I’d love to import all these quotes into Scrivener as different pages so I can search through and rearrange easily. Is there a way of doing this automatically?

I’ve looked into exporting all the cells from OOO into a bunch of .txt files (assuming I can easily import them to Scrivener) but it looks quite complex.

If I simply copy and paste a few cells into Scrivener they show up as a table. Scrivener has the really useful ‘Spit with selection as title’ which would be ideal, but doing this in a table simply moves the entire table to a new page, leaving the previous one blank. It’d be great if Scrivener had the option in tables to split rows into separate pages (using each lot of text as the page title) but it doesn’t seem to.

Is there a way of doing what I need? If anyone can help or suggest where I could go to find out I’d be extremely grateful!

Worked it out! With thanks to this: … -yak-shave

Basically, you rename a .csv file to .txt then ‘import and split’ using the enter key symbol as the split signifier. Then it imports each cell entry as a separate document. It’s not perfect as if the cell contents have line breaks then it splits that into a new document, but it’s the best I can find so far.

If anyone has a workaround for the line break issue it’d be great if you could post it here.