How to mark something for inclusion?

I’m sorry, this is probably a dumb question and I’m missing something simple.

I’m trying to get Project statistics to work, but it only shows 213 words in a much bigger manuscript. I’ve read I should mark more documents for inclusion… but I can’t find where to do that.

Still, I’ve just noticed that in the Options dialog of Project statistics “Count all documents” is checked. So where did this 213 words come from if no texts in this project have that size? There are some 100 word texts and some 600 word but no 213 word.

if you open the inspector menu on the right side (i in blue circle on right side of menu bar) there’s a check box in there for include in compile. If you put a check mark in that box it adds the document to the word count.

If you’re going off the Draft statistics, the numbers will also be coming from your current compile settings. Open Compile–you’ll be able to see there which documents are selected for inclusion, and under the Elements tab, make sure that you’ve got the “text” column marked for all the appropriate file types. It could be that you’re set up to just compile the titles or synopses for some documents, rather than their text, which will affect your word count in Project Statistics (since it’s attempting to give you a count for what you’ll get when you compile your current project).

Bingo! I had Synopses checked under the Elements tab. Now everything is working as it should. Thanks!