How to Mirror Formatting Presets Between Macs?

Hello Scrivelings,

This my first posting. Been using Scrivener for 6 months, writing a technical book. Scrivener is making the impossible possible! I’m a fan and evangelist!

Primary question: How can I export the formatting presets from my iMac to my Macbook? I have headings and other “styles” that I use and modify all the time. I want to have identical presets on both machines.

Related question: Does anybody know how I can mirror the OS X keyboard shortcuts between machines? I have keyboard shortcuts for all my presets (and lots of other S commands). I tried to find a .plist file but couldn’t manage to find it.

Big question: Is there an easy way to mirror ALL Scrivener settings between my computers? I only have one project going now, and I’d like anything I tweak to be replicated.

I’m running latest version os OS X and of Scrivener on both machines. I use Dropbox.

Thank you,


Thanks for the kind words! Glad to hear it’s working well for your technical project.

I believe this article should cover most of your questions. The Application Support folder that is mentioned will have all of your custom templates and presets, but if you specifically only want the formatting presets, copy the “Styles.plist” file that you will find in that folder. This article also covers the best way to copy all preferences between machines.

As for keyboard shortcuts, if you find a good trick for that let me know. That’s one thing that isn’t easy to transfer as they are buried in an Apple preference file that has other stuff in it as well.

That worked!

I’m researching how to transfer Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts and will share here when I find the solution.