How to modify "Daily Target" template sheet?

I want to set up the NaNo2010 “Daily Target” sheet so that it has a 0.5" first-line indent, and 6 points between paragraphs. No matter how many new templates I create, using the instructions in the PDF manual, the Option+Choose option, etc., my settings don’t “stick.”

Obviously, I’m doing something wrong, and a little guidance would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:


This one is a little tricky because it requires the use of a special command that is mainly for use in templates just like this. By default, empty formatting attributes are automatically destroyed when you leave the file. This is to keep things clean. That way you don’t have a million StartBoldEndBold sequences littered all over your file. However in the case of templates, it can often be desirable to retain formatting attributes without any text in the file to retain those attributes.

So what you need to do is set things up how you like, and then without doing anything further (leave the cursor alone), select the menu command, Format/Font/Remember Typing Style. This will insert a placeholder which will hold all paragraph and character attributes even after you leave the document, and even after you create new ones using the template feature.