How to move a project to new location?

I have been synchronizing Scrivener via Syncplicity with excellent results, till this morning I noticed that some folders got synchronized in the “wrong direction” i.e., earlier versions overwrote later. The snapshots also disappeared because the folders had gone.

So I decided to switch to Dropbox, for synchronization.

But how to switch the default location of Scrivener’s folders? No explanation in Tools | Options, nor in Documents | Move to, that I can find anyway. Your manual also doesn’t make a ‘search for instructions’ easy - there’s a torrent of words and no index.

Since the manual discusses Dropbox anyway, why not put clear 1,2,3 instructions on setting up Dropbox synchonization in Chapter 13 on ‘Cloud Integration and Sharing’? Rather than expecting the user to start a hunt through different locations, for explanations of the different parts of the process?

Anyway, I would be most grateful for instruction on changing the default location of a Synchronicity project folder!

I’m not sure what you mean, right in the table of contents under Project Management, it lists “Moving and Deleting Projects”, section 7.5. In there it describes the project as being something you can treat like an ordinary file, in regards to moving it around on your computer and organising them into folders. You can move it to the Dropbox folder in the same way you would move a .doc file, or a .pdf. The only thing you need to be cautious of is that a project should be closed before moving it. But I would also read the introduction to chapter 7, as it describes the basics of what a project is.

Ah thanks! I am sorry, I simply searched for “moving projects”, but that did not take me to this section in the manual. Perhaps I was unimaginative in my use of search terms.

However, this section doesn’t really answer my concern. Of course, I understand how to move a set of folders and files using Windows Explorer. But how to ensure that when I next open Scrivener, it opens these particular folders and files? Especially when the folders have been moved into Dropbox? Is Scrivener happy to open files in Dropbox? Perhaps it will all happen smoothly, but of course I am a little nervous, there are so many reports on the forum of lost folders and files.

Right, because everything that Scrivener needs to load a project is located in that master folder, the one with “.scriv” on the end of it. That’s everything, all of your research, writings, and even the settings such as what shape the window is and whether the inspector is open or not. All of that is in there, so when you move it, Scrivener doesn’t really care where it is, because everything it needs to load that project moved with it. To speak to its “perspective”, nothing changed. If that’s a Dropbox folder, that’s fine, if its My Documents, that’s okay too.

Now, if you use the “Recent Projects” menu or something else to keep track of things, you will need to load it once from the new location before it will pop up on the list.

Keep in mind with this that if you’re automatically loading your project just by launching Scrivener, that won’t happen immediately after you move the project since it relies on the same shortcut as Recent Projects, and so that link will be broken. Open the project either by going into the .scriv folder and double-clicking the yellow “project” .scrivx file inside or by using Open Existing Project or File > Open in Scrivener and browsing for the project in its new location. Once you’ve done that, it will recreate the link for Recent Projects and, if its the last project opened in session, Scrivener will automatically load it next time you launch.

Hmmm, OK got that.

At present, Syncplicity synchronizes certain sets of Windows Explorer files between my PC and my laptop. So if I move the Scrivener folders to Dropbox from their present location on the laptop, then I suppose they will also disappear from the equivalent location on the desktop. Which is presumably fine! Then when I open Scrivener on both the PC and the laptop (but not at the same time!), I suppose I have to tell Scrivener where the project is, in both cases. That seems fine.

I’ll make a backup, just in case.

This seems a good solution because there will be ONE set of Scrivener folders and files, whereas my Syncplicity system copies them, i.e., there are two sets. Which worked surprisingly well, till this minor glitch.

Yes, it sounds like you’re all set.

In fact Dropbox works just like any other system of copying files from one computer to another, it just uses a layer of automation to make it feel as though you’re working off of a single source. You’ll have a copy on your desktop, and a copy on your laptop not to mention the multitude of copies (saved as versions) stored within the Dropbox server systems.

That is precisely why you have to be careful with it. Some people start Scrivener before Dropbox is done downloading the changes to the computer, and they end up opening a project that is half old and half new.

But it is trivial to avoid all of that. Just make sure Dropbox is never spinning its wheels when you start Scrivener, and when you shut down the computer.

Then it is not obvious why I should move to DropBox from Syncplicity, if the system is basically the same. True, I once had some problems with Syncplicity, but maybe I left Scrivener open or something. Hmmmm…

It’s the same basic idea probably. But, if you had problems with the one choosing the wrong modification date, then I wouldn’t blame you for looking around for something else similar that lacks this flaw. In our experience, Dropbox is quite reliable, and even when things do go wrong it creates duplicate files which make it fairly easy to sort out conflicts (which the guidelines should avoid completely, anyway). What I would say you would gain by using it is convenience. It’s as easy to use as any other folder with files in it on your computer. You can just let it run in the background and not think too much about it.