How to move around an outline

Hi all,

So, I have an outline with chapters and subsections. In outline view - I click on a section and nothing happens. I would expect the section to be the focus in the main window when I do this.

The only way I have found, so far, is to to use the up and down arrows in the main window. Surely, this is wrong. What am I missing?

any help, much appreciated.



Try selecting the “parent” containing document or folder. Like the cork board, the outline shows you the contents of the selected container, not the container itself.

Hi rdale,

Thanks for your reply.

I select the containing folder (I assume this is what you mean by parent) - nothing is shown.

Please see below:

I think, I just must be missing something but, surely selecting the folder, as in the image above should display the content and, selecting a sub-section should also show the content to be edited?



That sounds an awful lot like how the software behaves when the editor is locked. That keeps it from changing when you click on things in the binder (among other things), but it won’t stop you from using the editor controls, such as the arrow buttons, to move around.

Problem is, it’s pretty obvious when the editor is locked, and your screenshot definitely doesn’t look like it is locked, so I wonder if it is a graphical glitch. Try toggling lock (Opt-Cmd-L or use the View/Editor/Lock in Place menu command). Does the header bar go pink at any point, and if you toggle it back so that it is grey, does it now work as expected?

One other thing I’d do, especially if that doesn’t work, is toggle Show internal error alerts on, at the very bottom of the General preference pane. Does clicking in the binder produce errors, and do they persist after a restart? If so it might be a good idea to reinstall the software. It might have become damaged at some point.

Hi Amber,

Thanks for your feedback.

Reinstalling fixed it.