How to move around footnotes in the document?

I have created footnotes that are attached to words/sentences, but then decide that I want to the delete the word or change the sentence but want to keep the footnote. How to do this? In Word I can select the number at the end of the sentence and move it around at will. In Scrivener, however, it seems that the footnote is permanently attached to the word!

Is there a way to reassign a footnote to a different sentence or word?


Yes, just select the new word you want it attached to, then ctrl-click on the comment or footnote in the inspector and select “Move to Selection”.

All the best,

Thanks! That is exactly what I was looking for.
As a suggestion, I would find it more intuitive and less clicking (and thus faster) to be able to drag the footnote to the desired word. So, I might be able to select the desired footnote from the inspector and drag it to wherever I wanted to associate it.

Thanks again.