How to Move Chapters

I need to know how to move chapters around in Scrivener. This should be a very easy answer to fine, but I seem unable to locate the solution online or in the manual.

My chapters are currently folders. I did this because the last project I compiled as mereley text files ignored the contents of every file and only listed chapter titles.

I know you can move chapters around in Corkboard, but I cannot get the titles to show in full if I put enough cards across to see the entire manuscript.

When I try to move chapters in Binder, they become children of other folders or text files.

What am I supposed to do here? Please halp. This program is beginning to dive me crazy.

Binder ordering is drag and drop.

Click (and hold) on the chapter to move, and drag it to its new location.

Be careful of dropping it in another folder. That gets me every now and then.

Also, if you’re having trouble with precision, you can move items step-by-step using Ctrl-Cmd in combination with the arrow keys. Right/Left will adjust the indent, and Up/Down the position amongst its siblings (other “chapters” most likely). If you’d rather stick with the mouse, do note you can organise things from the Corkboard as well. Just click on the Draft item in the Binder, enable Corkboard view in the editor if necessary, and now you have a very large drop target area and an automatic avoidance of nesting (you can, but it is disabled by default in the Navigation preferences pane).

Ioa always has the best way to do things. Adding ctl+cmd+arrow to my feeble memory. I’m sure it will be forgotten by …