How to NOT store the Scrivener project in Dropbox, on iOS?

I’m quite new to iOS (although I am an IT professional). I purchased the iOS version of Scrivener and installed it.
I am already running Scrivener on two Windows machines and syncing those projects using a Windows tool.
I don’t like Dropbox for various reasons and I’d much prefer not to use it.

I can’t figure out how to move the project out of Dropbox and access it elsewhere on iOS? Or alternatively use another syncing tool, for example Sugarsync, Yandex drive etc.

Please would you share any insights or information about this, that you may have?
Basically, I’m looking for any and all alternatives to using Dropbox, on iOS…

Hope somebody can help!

Hi martienne,

Welcome to the forums, and to Scrivener. Fellow customer here.

DropBox syncing is super easy, but if you don’t want to use it, that’s your choice.

The problem for you is that DropBox is currently the only L&L supported option for syncing Scrivener on iOS. My understanding, from reading many posts by the developer on the topic, is this is unlikely to change anytime soon. Here is the Knowledge Base page that discusses iOS syncing, see at the very end a brief note as to why no other syncing options:

The only other official method I am aware of for sharing (not syncing) projects from iOS is to use iTunes to manually copy your projects between iOS and your PCs. That involves a cable. I have never done it, so am not clear on the steps involved, but you can search the forums for this if you’re interested. ETA: Looks like the steps for copying via iTunes are in the iOS tutorial, accessible from the bottom of iOS Scrivener’s projects screen. See the “Working with Projects” doc.

I think you possibly could share projects via zipped backup files. So you’d do some work on your PC, create a zipped backup, save it somewhere to the cloud, then access it from your iOS device and extract & copy into Scrivener. You should also be able to go the other direction. Sounds labor intensive to me, but it should work. This is decidedly unofficial, I’ve never done it, and you’d need to reverse engineer how to accomplish it from this post:


ETA: Just to be totally clear, I brainstormed this method as I was typing this post. I don’t know of anyone who has actually done it. It might not work. If you decide to try it, use a test project first! 8)

For your last question, if you want to move a project out of DropBox:

  • Start iOS Scrivener
  • From the Scrivener Projects list, click Edit
  • Drag the project you want to move down from the DROPBOX section to the ON MY IDEVICE section.

The project will be moved out of DropBox, and you will only be able to access it from that iDevice.


Thanks for a really well-written response. That answered all my original questions.
Just one more question: If the device is offline, would the files from dropbox still be available?

And I suppose I should not have bought an i pad to begin with, if ] have an issue with being in a locked down environment, out of the US.

The files in the Dropbox folder are of course available offline as it is just a folder on your device that gets synched when you are online again and run Scrivener.

When you follow the link provided above and read Keith’s (The Programmer’s) explanation why at the moment there is only a sync service available via Dropbox you will find it has nothing to do with being in a locked-in environment. Actually, iCloud sync as the sole sync service would have been the locked-in solution. Or the easy, no need for set-up way that comes natural to an Apple device, as others would put it. But for technical reasons on Apple’s side there is no iCloud sync and only Dropbox as a third party solution.

To add to what suavito wrote, yes, the files would be available from the DropBox cloud to all of your other devices, as long as the last device to touch your project had fully synced those changes to the cloud.

The way DropBox file sharing would be implemented in your situation, there would be four copies of your project in existence: one on your iPad, one on each of your two PCs, and one in the DropBox cloud, with the DropBox copy being the hub. After making updates to your project from one device, you would always need to be sure those updates have fully synced to the DropBox cloud prior to making updates from another device.

I’m sure you already know this stuff, I’m just trying to be clear in case others come along who don’t. :slight_smile:

I’m curious, are you using OneDrive now to share your projects now between your two PCs? Which version?


Hi Jim, oops 1 year passes quickly!
I’m using dirsync pro an open source, free solution that syncs between devices on the same network.