How to open backup files with Scrivener 1.9.16 after Scriv 3 download

I downloaded Scriv 3 and something happened in the process of converting my file–all content in synopsis cards disappeared. I had updated the synopses cards in February, and I had worked on regular documents as late as an hour before the converston, those changes came through fine.

I’m okay with doing a copy/paste on the synopses cards from backup files but now that I have Scrivener 3 on the computer, it’s insisting on opening the backup files with Scrivener 3. I’m worried that a similar issue will then corrupt backup files and prefer to open in the old version. But there is no “open with” option when I right click on Scrivener backup files in that folder.

Is my best option to uninstall Scrivener 3, open the backup file in Scrivener 1.9, then reinstall Scriv 3 and open up my current, recently converted file?

Just nervous here… Please help.

Thank you.

I see no way to help without a Zoom session. PM here me or message me at

I’ll notice the facebook message sooner.

You can do this with both applications installed. Either launch Scrivener 1 directly and then use File > Open… (or Open Existing Project) to navigate to the backup copy of your project and open it in that version of Scrivener, or you can drag and drop the .scrivx project file of the backup project directly onto the Scrivener 1 application shortcut to open the file in that version of the program.

That said, synopsis text should certainly have come across during the upgrade, so if you are seeing something different, I strongly recommend contacting support and sending a zipped copy of the v1 .scriv project’s folder so that we can see what’s going on, get the project upgraded correctly, and prevent this recurring