How to open from external link *Without Splitting Editor*

OK, I’m trying to use the Edit->Copy Special->Copy Document as External Link function with a mind mapping application. I use the above menu item and get my link—so far, so good. I save the copied link in the hyperlink field of my mind map node. Works great! But when I double-click that link to open the linked document in Scrivener, Scrivener always opens a split and shows the linked document in the second (newly split) editor. Further, the focus stays with the document I was previously editing, when what I want to do is edit the document I opened from the mind map. How can I get Scrivener to NOT SPLIT when I open a document from an external link?? Or at least move the focus to the new split?

Screenshots follow:
Scrivener before I do anything (editing document “#### Finale-6”):

Scrivener after I double-click the external link for my “#### Catalyst” document from my mind map app:

Here’s what I’d like to see instead:

Is there any way to achieve this?? If not, please just say “no”. I can take it. :wink:

Thank you!!! Yes, it works for Mac, too! Dear Heavens, but it was driving me mad!

I should have known there was a preference/option for it somewhere.

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You can also change the intended target per link, using the attributes documented in §10.1.6, under subheading, Advanced External URL Options. You can target Quick Reference for example, regardless of application settings. Probably not terribly useful for what you’re doing (and maybe mainly useful to developers who would be automating attribute usage for the user rather than hand-coding each link), but worth knowing for those rare cases where you know for a fact the thing you’re loading should always be a reference and thus open a split, or target a copyholder, etc.

In general, I have references open in a different app (split screen) if I need references :smiley: . No, in this use case I’m outlining in a separate app on iOS and I want an easy way to get my maunderings back into Scrivener synopses. (I’d use Aeon Timeline but its iOS text input is so bad as to make it almost read-only. :frowning: )

I’ve also set up links back to the mind map nodes in my Document bookmarks (the first use I’ve had for the things.) Spending an hour to set up the links in advance makes it practical to update the outline as I work, in either app.