How to open my project written in beta-version on Scrivener 1?

Hi everyone! A few months ago I downloaded the beta-version of Scrivener 3 and I loved it, so I startet to write my project with it. Then, the beta expired, so yesterday I bought Scrivener 1. I really love the software, but I much prefer Scrivener 3. I would like to use the beta and, when it will expire, to switch to Scrivener 1, waiting for the new release. Unfortunately, I can’t open on Scrivener 1 the project written on Scrivener 3 beta, because an error message comes, saying that my project is written in a new version of Scrivener and I have to check the updates. There is a way to solve this problem? Can I “convert” the project?
Thank you!

Scrivener 3 for Windows was just released a few days ago, so why not use that? That would, obviously, be the easiest solution. … ilable-now

If you purchased the software at any time during the three months prior to the release date of the major new version, you will receive the update for free. And its a much longer period for the Windows 1 to 3 upgrade. … or-updates

I’m not sure how you could have bought Scrivener 1 “yesterday”. If you bought it after the release of Scrivener 3, you would have got Scrivener 3? I don’t see Scrivener 1 for sale anywhere any more.

But either way, if you somehow ended up with v1, just go to the “Buy Now” page and click on “Upgrade from an older version”. That contains instructions on how to upgrade to Scrivener 3 with a 100% discount.

Thank you my issue has been solved