How to open projects on Scrivener 1 in Scrivener 3

I have both Scrivener 1 and Scrivener 3 live on my laptop. I opened a project in Scrivener 1 to find that there is no text in the boxes, although the chapter and scene titles are in place. Where has my writing gone? I’ve lost a 50,000 draft from Scrivener. I have a saved compile but I don’t want to have to copy and paste the whole thing into the framework on Scrivener 3.

Try disabling your anti-virus software and then reinstalling Scrivener 3. All known instances of this problem have been traced to anti-virus software deciding that Scrivener 3 is bad and denying it access to its files.

Thank you. I’ve done this. I still can’t see any way to retrieve the text for a project I worked on in Scrivener 1. I’m sure I’m missing something really basic.

It should “just work.” If it doesn’t, please open a support ticket, here: