how to organize lots of text information

I am writing my thesis and want to do the following:

  1. While reading academic articles in pdf’s I am highlighting valuable paragraphs.
  2. Then I have txt files which consist of these paragraphs (I am making this with Skim pdf reader).
  3. I want to organize all these text snippets by applying to each of them certain tags. Say, “blog definition”, “privacy issues”, “political blogging” etc. (my thesis is on blogs).
  4. Then I want to make text documents that consists of snippets with certain tag.
  5. Text snippets may have several tags.

Let me give an example. This is note exported from Skim. Notice @privacy and other tags at the end of paragraphs. This is what I want to do. And then I want to make page with all paragraphs with certain tag.


  • Highlight, page 3

Instead of substituting new materials for old ones, as is normally done on regular web pages, the idea with blogs is to add postings frequently, creating an ever-growing compilation of entries. @definition

  • Highlight, page 4

This simple feature, the ability to append without erasing any of the previous content, makes blogs fundamentally different from other kinds of web sites. @definition

  • Highlight, page 4

More than with any other kind of web publishing, authorship is central to blogs. @difference-from-other-media

Serial writing, chapter plays, tune in next week to our continuing story… these kinds of storytelling had been shriveling away with the loss of B-roll movie serials and the dwindling of magazine outlets.

I think blogs hold the potential for reviving this popular style. I still remember the mental picture, described in history, of the crowds waiting at the New York city piers, mad with suspense for the next chapter in a Dickens novel that was coming in on the ships.