how to organize marketing materials and other meta-project stuff

I am new to Scrivener and I love it. I am happy with my book structure and processes for everything between the first and last sentences of the book itself. I can compile successfully into pdf, epub, and mobi and have it come out the way I want it to be, for a draft or a finished format. I think I have the title page and know how to add a forward or intro etc.

Now that I’m starting to organize reviewers and marketing materials, though, I am not sure how to organize all this extra, rather important data related to the book. Blog entries, for example.

Should I start a new, complementary project and just organize whatever topics I need to track in place of the chapters in my book project? or is there a standard way to do this within my book project?

I searched for info but since I’m hazy on the terminology for asking this question, I did not find answers that made sense to me.

Thanks In Advance!

Do you have an ongoing self-marketing effort independent of this particular book? If so, I’d give it a project of its own.

If not, and you’re just doing book-related stuff, I’d put it in the main project for the book.


Thanks for the simple reply.

I looked at more project templates and rediscovered the basics from the tutorial: aside from Draft (renamed Manuscript), Research, and Trash, folders are nothing special and I can do whatever I want. I’ll delete the unused parts of the Novel template that I started with long ago and create new folders for the events and marketing materials for this book that I want to create and organize.