How to override automatic spelling correction?

A couple of years ago I’m pretty sure someone answered this question for me on Twitter, but if so, I’ve forgotten. My novel has characters who speak another language, so sometimes they will use, say, a German word or phrase. So, I want to type “Ordnung,” but Scrivener keeps changing it to “Ordaining,” even when I retype it. Short of disabling autocorrect and saving up my spellchecking for the end of my writing stint, how can I tell Scrivener, “No, this is not a mistake, this is the word I want!” It was something simple, like a single keystroke, but I can’t remember it.

You could turn off autocorrect and just enable check spelling as you type. That way Scriv would just put a red line under what it believes to be a spelling mistake without changing it. Then right click on the word and decide whether to keep it, and maybe add to dictionary, or correct it if it was a genuine mistake.
The keyboard shortcuts are listed in Options/ Keyboard.

Thanks for replying, but as stated in my question, I was already aware of that option. I’m pretty sure someone from L&L offered an alternative solution that does not require you to turn off spellcheck-as-you-go (which I have done now pending a better solution).

Apologies, but you stated short of turning off autocorrect. I suggested just check as you type. They are different.

Ah, I see what you mean. I should have been more specific. Anyway, thanks again.