how to pass collection name to postprocessing bash script

Hi you all,

I’m looking for a compilling solution that will attach a specific postprocessing bash script to each named collection. Is is maybe possible to pass the collection name as a variable to the postprocessing bash script?

Thank you

I think so, assuming the way you have things set up is to select a Collection for your main compile group, then you could use the <$compilegroup> placeholder in the Processing pane’s Arguments field.

For example:

-o <$outputname>.txt -c <$compilegroup> <$inputfile>

Then have the script look for which string is passed, and run your logic against that to determine how the script works (or which other scripts to execute).

Thank you for your quick and clear response that made my day :slight_smile:. By the way could you tell me why I could not find <$compilegroup> in the menu Help->List of All Placeholders (maybe is there but I just cannot find it). Best regards.

It should be there! You can use ⌘F to find things in that help panel by the way., but it is under the heading, “User and Project Information”, about halfway down.