How to paste footnotes and endnotes along with text

Hi everyone - I’m editing a long book with lots of references. I want to grab entire paragraphs, complete with their footnotes and endnotes, and copy and paste them where they need to be. But whenever I copy text, Scrivener removes the notations and just adds the note to the body of the text.

How can I copy entire sections and paste them exactly as they are?



Are you copying and pasting all within Scrivener? If so, footnotes should just stay exactly as they are - as inspector footnotes (or inline footnotes). To me, it sounds as though you might be using Paste and Match Style instead of just Paste - could this be the case?

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Hi Keith,

I discovered the problem and the solution.

When I command-V, it doesn’t work.

When I bring up the contextual menu and select “Paste,” it does.

Seems to me that the two should work the same way, like in every other mac program i’ve ever encountered

thanks for your reply

They most certainly should, and do. :slight_smile: It seems to me that you have reassigned cmd-V to a different menu item (perhaps you have set up some custom keyboard shortcuts via System Preferences), or you have a third-party service interfering somewhere. If it is not working, it’s definitely something on your system interfering, as cmd-V is assigned as the shortcut by default, and menus and shortcuts are handled entirely by OS X without a single line of code. I hope that knowing this allows you to find the cause.

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