How to paste text list that will spilt into separate folders or documents ?


I would like to write down Ideas in plain text and in a list like this


Then I want to copy that text and paste it into Scrivener. The text list will split into separate folders or documents. Similar to importing a mindmap in OPML format. I would like to speed up the workflow of creating a folder/document structure…Anyone know if that is possible?

I tried to seach the forum…didn’t find anything.

I am not sure you can do what you want with copy and paste, but you should look at File > Import > Import and Split. That is a function that would take a plain text document and split it by a string of your choice. Default is to split on ‘#’ on a line by itself. This can probably be made to serve your purpose.

And in fact with that Import and Split tool, you choose to split by a carriage return (or any combination of whitespace), which would then turn your list of lines into an outline, one binder item per line.

And just in case you were unaware, you can actually “type a list” into the binder, that is a thing. You do have to press it Return (the first time to confirm the name), but you can very quickly type out outlines in Scrivener, in my opinion. Just make sure you haven’t disabled the Creates new item in list, outline and corkboard views setting, in the Behaviors: Return Key preference pane. There are several places where you can quickly build out lists with that setting enabled, like Keywords, and even configuration lists like Labels and Replacements. Try it if you think it might work, chances are it will.

Another tip: in the Outliner, hide synopses (unless you need them of course), as otherwise Return goes from the Title into the Synopsis, so you end up having to press it three times per entry. I tend to turn those on and off all day, depending on how I’m using the outliner.


Thanks GR and Amberv for the import tool I had found it before. Amberv: I tried using return for a fast outline and it works great on mac. On ios it doesn’t is there a way to get it to work on ios?

Any plans on updating the ios app with new features?

I would like to use textexpander with Scrivener ios and apple smart keyboard and the only way to do that is for scrivener to integrate their free SDK I know I can use apples text replacement but it’s not the same.

Any plans on integrating textexpander enhanced for the Scrivener ios?

We haven’t gone over what the next update of the iOS version will have in terms of enhancements yet.

I agree with. I would very much appreciate an implementation of the SDK mentioned above, this to be able to use TextExpander together with Scrivener on my iPad