How To Post New Topic?

I’m new to this forum so this may well be a stupid question but I’m a little desperate now so here goes. Go ahead and mock me if that makes your day. This may also be in the wrong place so it’s a good opportunity to scold, as well!

How can I post a new topic at the top level of the forum? I seem to be able to only answer or discuss within existing topics, which is frustrating because when I search, I don’t see that anyone has posted yet on this burning question I’d love to see addressed: learning Scrivener on the fly by following common workflows that are relevant to one’s present project.

I am a new user but I’ve taught complex 3D CAD systems effectively, to newbies, by starting with minimal familiarization with the human interface and then jumping to step by step use of the software to do things that many users will need inevitably to do. This is a rapid and frustration-free learning mode that is quite efficient. It gets new users up to speed rapidly and from there, they are armed to self-teach to ever higher levels of skill.

What do you think? Is there hope for posting a truly new topic? I’d like to create my new topic at least one level above “Feedback MAC” where this appears. But I don’t see how to do that.

Your are able to post, as demonstrated by your post, to which I am now replying. :smiley:

That sounds like a topic appropriate to the Using Scrivener forum, found below. Try posting your burning question there.

Thanks, Jim. It does look like my right place for this topic is where you suggested. Lamely, I didn’t find it.

To post a new topic, just click into the relevant forum area and then click on the red “New Topic” button at the top. For instance, suppose you want technical support. Then from the board index:


you click on the “Technical Support (Mac)” sub-forum and click “New Topic” at the top of that.

There’s no way to post a topic at a higher level than “Feedback (Mac)” because above that there are only categories. You need to choose an existing forum category to post in. Here is fine, though, if you are making a suggestion.

All the best,

Thanks, Keith. I will make myself content with not going higher. Hopefully, my posts will get found. I did post already at the level of Using Scrivener and that’s a suggestion or two if you’re interested. I love the program and will try to make my suggestions useful.

I’m having the same problem. I can’t post a NEW topic. I can REPLY to a current topic (which is what I did here) but I can’t find the option for posting a new topic. I’m hoping for some assistance.

Sure you can. You have the power!

Go to the Boards Index:

Click on the appropriate sub-forum.

Finally, click on the big red New Topic button.


Note that you can’t post a new topic if you’re viewing the “New Posts”, " Active Topics", “Unanswered Topics”, “Your Posts”, or any other search results. The search results interface assumes that it’s going to pull in topics from multiple sub-forums, and so you have to go back to the Board Index, and then navigate to the appropriate sub-forum.

Note that when you do navigate this way, the purpose of each forum is stated. The “Using Scrivener” sub-forum, for instance, has this bit of description: “How do you use Scrivener? Share tips or talk about your usage scenarios here.” So you can see it’s for sharing your tips, not for asking questions.